Everything for your party!

Organising a party or event takes a lot of time. The Festarent party experts would therefore be happy to take over some of the work for you. You decide what you would like us to do, based on the services we offer:

No matter what theme you have in mind or no matter what your perfect party looks like, you can rent all your party equipment from us. From tables, chairs, knives and forks to complete pop-up kitchens, freezers, decorations and plants. With more than 25 years of experience, you can count on us to be fast and punctual – whether you are a private person, event agency, catering company, SME, multinational, event, festival, etc.

Festarent aanbod voor elke gelegenheid

An offer for every occasion

Staff party, catering event, birthday party, product launch, anniversary, garden party, open day, reception, spring party, dinner, festival, communion party, barbecue, wedding, housewarming, baby shower, etc. They all have one thing in common: it has to be perfect! That one chair, table, plant, tablecloth, plate, wine glass, fork, candlestick, etc. has to fit exactly into the colour palette as well as the end result that you have in mind.

Organising a dream wedding

If you are getting married or are organising a wedding for the happy couple, you will undoubtedly be looking for inspiration. With the help of reference photos of parties for which we have already provided the materials, fun mood boards and stunning combinations, we will show you what our materials are capable of achieving.

We will gladly put all the elements together for you in a perfect wedding styling. This way you will experience a warm, personal and unforgettable day!

Will you say yes to a Totally Perfect Day?

Festarent droomhuwelijk

Not found what you are looking for?

Haven't found what you're looking for in our wide range? You will! Because you want the perfect table with perfect chairs as well as the perfect plate with the perfect cutlery and glassware. And if possible, to finish off with the most perfect decoration. But if you feel that these are missing from our offer, we would be happy to listen to your wishes - and we will see what we can do.

If you are looking for a comprehensive service offer, we would like to invite you to an exploratory meeting.

Festarent showroom bezoeken

Would you like to visit our showroom?

A picture says a lot, but does not tell the whole story! Do you want to be absolutely sure that you have selected the right material? Then contact us to visit the showroom. We will have all the materials ready for you to compare, feel and try out - to your heart's content!

The total picture

Festarent is part of a much larger whole. A whole with one common objective: creating a unique experience & added value to events.

Apart from Festarent, our bigger picture also includes Total-e, Catch the Eye & Red Donkey.

Each in itself is a specialist in a different event specialty! In this way, many specialists from a field are brought together under one roof, and together we form an efficient larger entity.



Total-e is a total supplier of services and materials aimed exclusively at event professionals.

They take care of light, sound, video, stages, furniture, decoration, etc… all part of an all-embracing total concept. Flexible is our middle name and creativity is in our DNA.


catch the eye

Catch the Eye makes your company, interior or event stand out. You can rely on them for excellent printing work!

From paper prints to panels, banners, stickers & labels, flags, rollups, interior applications and wayfinding. The standard range is available in the e-shop, and for customised work they could prepare a quotation for you.


red donkey

Call them stubborn, headstrong or passionate, but they would prefer to be called: image creators.

Red Donkey translates the DNA of your company into an expressive exhibition stand, shop installation or interior.