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How to organise your own garden party - in 10 steps!

You can organise a party in your own garden in no time in 10 easy steps! We will guide you through the most important choices you need to make for an atmospheric barbecue or cosy garden party.

We will arrange for the right material and a few mood makers, while you take care of the guests and the food! On completing our party simulator, you will have planned out your party and will have a clear idea about the budget.

Are you ready for an enjoyable time with friends and family? We look forward to preparing your perfect party in your own garden.

Looking for inspiration

Through the years, our Festarent-team has provided support for many parties. From cosy dinners for two people to events for 20,000 guests. We can handle every communion party, wedding, staff party, barbecue, catering event, fair, garden party, etc with equal enthusiasm!

We would like to show you a few projects. That way we can inspire you and you can see many of our references at a glance.

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Would you like to visit our showroom?

A picture says a lot, but does not tell the whole story! Do you want to be absolutely sure that you have selected the right material? Then contact us to visit the showroom. We will have all the materials ready for you to compare, feel and try out - to your heart's content!

Organising a dream wedding

If you are getting married or are organising a wedding for the happy couple, you will undoubtedly be looking for inspiration. We will show you what our materials can do for you, with the help of reference photos of parties in which our materials have already been used, fun mood boards and surprising combinations.

We love combining all elements for you, to ensure a perfect wedding styling. This way you will experience a warm, personal and unforgettable day!

Will you say yes to a Totally Perfect Day?


Leave the dishes up to us.

Fortunately, you will not have to wash those two or 20,000 glasses yourself!

Our industrial washing lines will ensure that your porcelain, glassware, cutlery and linen are totally clean again!

Pick-up your materials yourself or let us deliver them.

You decide what is most convenient for you.

We will gladly deliver and pick up your rented materials or have them ready for you at one of our pick-up points.

You will be renting our materials for 5 days.

This gives you enough preparatory time to install everything and set up the tables in time. Afterwards, you can take your time to tidy everything up.


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